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Welcome to Fatu Lady Drummer.com. the official site for Fatu Judy Henderson, the Lady Drummer! Here you can    download Fatu’s music, view pictures and videos about Fatu.
Browse the About Pages to find formal  information about Fatu including education, training,  past shows, commissions and publications. Fatu’s site is simple and we want you to enjoy your visit.  If you have problems with the wonderful music player provided by Reverb Nation, please contact our webmaster, Nimbus, at admin@dragonheadmusic.com.
If you are the academic type  or interested in various articles on West African Music and culture including drumming, music, dance, spirituality  and politics visit our primary site at http://dragonheadmusic.com.   Please join our mailing list as we will be adding more music, a store and other fun goodies.

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