Good Morning with Oshun

Columbia River GorgeIndia – Llegó la India Via Eddie Palmieri - 05 – Yemaya y Ochun (Prelude)

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We live in a society that uses substances; alcohol & drugs, to try to obtain relief from stress and ills of the day.  As a result, we tend to lose touch with what has been given to help us to release and let go of negative thought forms and energy.  We are disconnected from that which sustains us. Consequently, we suffer needlessly.

Nature is full of medicine to heal. Sometimes , just being in nature; breathing the air, allows us to relax and enjoy the simplicity of life and living.  I truly enjoy a good beer or glass of wine. But, when I really need assistance, I find a place in nature to repair my being.

This image of the Columbia River Gorge is from Bing! I visualize myself there, with the Spirit of Oshun, absorbing the healing plants and water. A wonderful way to start my day! Enjoy the beautiful music for Oshun and have a relaxed day!

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