Ujamaa Dance Collective at Colorado Black Arts Festival

Ladies Day Out!Denver held its 25th annual Black Arts Festival  July 14-1th at Denver City Park West.  The festival was smaller than last year but easier to navigate and more organized. The highlight of the festival was the Joda Village Stage located under the Centennial Junniper grove on the west side of the festival.  Here several local cultural acts such as Praise Dancers, La Salsa latin band and the Youth Drum Corp thrilled audiences chillin in the hot summer sun.

Ujamaa Dance and Drum collective made its debut at Joda Village.  While the collective was new the performers were old friends and associates joining forces to represent twenty years of African based dances from several genres and ensembles.  These included Heritage Dancers, Festival Carivan and  Jambalaya Sistahs Drum Ensemble.  The performances, especially sunday’s were a great success. It was wonderful to see folk dancing in the grass as the Collective performed Kaki Lambe, Sonsornet, Wolosodon and Mandiani. Sunday was the bomb! Here are just a few higlights from the show!
Ujamaa dancers & Drummers

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