Transer of Allegiances: A Poem by Frank Owen, Jr.

turquois spiral flowerThe Transfer of Allegiances”
a bodhisattva poem–

We’ve become like hungry ghosts
cowering inside this dark age.
May all the fortresses
that we’ve built
finally fall away.
The Lords of Materialism
are busily working out their plan;
they spout their speeches of division
to make us beholden to fear again.
They make us drunk
as if on a drug
and say: “Ignore what is happening.
Go back to being numb!”
The men of my country
seem so afraid
of everything these days –
their fellow man,
and even women.
It’s like they’ve all become crazed!
But at every direction,
and in every realm,
the Vajra Bodies are spinning again.
and spinning
spinning awake inside our cells.
We have what we need
to work with this mind
and transform any living hells.
When the branches and vines of ego
are mindfully and thoroughly pruned,
the Great Reality of Being appears
to which we become attuned.
And the Great Shining Flower that you are
is no longer choked
and finally blooms.
(c) 2012 / Frank Owen, Jr. / Bodhiyatra Poetry

One Response to Transer of Allegiances: A Poem by Frank Owen, Jr.

  • I am very happy to find what seems like a new poem of Frank’s. Sorry not to have the blog site available. Your poems are so very relevant at this time as always. Wondering about your personal process in this time of such intensity and inner change. Saw you as a person really swimming in the stream that is moving.

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