Before Birth

Image of zen practitioner“Shabbily dressed, he stumbled along the cobblestones of a back street in Ropponggi, a suburb of Tokyo. He leaned first on one wall of the small plaza, then haltingly traversed to the opposite, resting for a minute before continuing. My first thought was that he wanted something, maybe a spare coin, maybe some of my time. Continue reading

Differences Between West African
& Cuban Based Ifa

Throughout my journey in the  West African based spiritual system of Ifa I have encountered much resistance, criticism and attack because my presentation of the system; as learned, did not match the conventional practices of the system.  My attempts to explain the differences were met with scorn and ostracization.The antagonism was such that; at various times, I backed away from the various communities in which I was involved and quietly continued my studies with my teachers.

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Tribute to Oshun

I was initiated to Oshun in August. Thiscame as sort of a surprise as Shango had my head for years. However, when I review the year prior to initiation I see where the influence began to change and the deeper lessons for me had to do with sweetening my life and releasing; at deep cellular levels, the pain of my youth. Oshun governs the laws of attraction and manifestation. As one releases the painful emotions and thoughts, new ones emerge and what manifests in the environment becomes sweeter. Life becomes more enjoyable. I will claim that blessing. Here is some wonderful music from Ella Andall honoring Oshun and the beauty she brings to the life. Enjoy!