Before Birth

Image of zen practitioner“Shabbily dressed, he stumbled along the cobblestones of a back street in Ropponggi, a suburb of Tokyo. He leaned first on one wall of the small plaza, then haltingly traversed to the opposite, resting for a minute before continuing. My first thought was that he wanted something, maybe a spare coin, maybe some of my time. Continue reading

Differences Between West African
& Cuban Based Ifa

Throughout my journey in the  West African based spiritual system of Ifa I have encountered much resistance, criticism and attack because my presentation of the system; as learned, did not match the conventional practices of the system.  My attempts to explain the differences were met with scorn and ostracization.The antagonism was such that; at various times, I backed away from the various communities in which I was involved and quietly continued my studies with my teachers.

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