Prose, Poetry by my friends and others

Before Birth

Image of zen practitioner“Shabbily dressed, he stumbled along the cobblestones of a back street in Ropponggi, a suburb of Tokyo. He leaned first on one wall of the small plaza, then haltingly traversed to the opposite, resting for a minute before continuing. My first thought was that he wanted something, maybe a spare coin, maybe some of my time. Continue reading

“How can I Not Sing…”

Bi KiduduSometimes the universe is so on target.  I have been processing where I have been in the last few years.  Two years ago my relationship was in turmoil, my music business was in shambles, and I was in a train wreck in many areas of my life.  After many years of what appeared to be futile effort, I slowly and steadily began to give up on my visions and dreams.  It has taken a lot of focused effort to climb out of the cesspool of self-doubt and resentment.

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