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Hadiya Studies In Traditional West African Music

Fatu began her drumming and dance studies in 1987 with  Wyoma and the Damballah Dance Company in Boulder, Colorado. She focused on drumming and quickly mastered a variety of traditional African based music. Highlights of her studies include the study of Afro-Brazilian and Latin music at the Swallow Hill Music School in Denver (1990-1992), the traditional rhythms of Ghana at the Naropa University Summer Institute in 1992 and 1994 and with C.K. Ganyo during private settings with the Harambee Dancers at the University of Colorado (1996-1998).

Fatu has aso studied the Orisha Music of the Yoruba Spiritual tradition of Ifa since 1990 and is becoming an accomplished Okpon (lead singer) in this tradition. Her Cd:  Orisha Music for Beginners and accompanying Booklet appears on the tune widget on our music page  and is available for download.

Fatu’s love of African music and culture has taken her to Africa twice to study with Master Dancer Marie Basse-Wiles in Senegal and Master Drummer Abdoul Doumbia in Mali. While Fatu has studied with many Master Drummers from the Continent including Malik Sow, Malong Bayo  Djakete and others , she considers her primary djembe teachers to be Master Drummers Abdoul Doumbia and Bikaye Kouyate of Mali.

Alternative Performances

Fatu with the Denver Spirituals Project

Denver Spirituals Project: 2012, 2010

Fatu demonstrates versatility and diversity in  her appreciation of all music. She has appeared with the Denver Concert Band, Denver Harmony Chorus, and with the Denver Women’s Chorus and Symphony in their production of Orobourus.  She has also appeared with the Denver Spirituals Project  during their 2010-2011 season.

Classes and Workshops.

Fatu is a gifted drum and vocal teacher. She has taught at such institutions as Denver Metro State College, Naropa Institute’s Continuing Education program, Camp Telluride Camp for Gifted and Talented Youth from around the World and Cleo Parker-Robinson School of Dance.Fatu also travels to facilitate drumming workshops and has taught at such camps as Michigan Women’s Music Festival, Sistah Fest and at private Intensive weekends throughout the country. Please contact Fatu through our email if you are interested in having an intensive drumming weekend in your community.

Drum and movement workshop

Drum|Dance Workshop

Fatu conducts ongoing classes in drumming, singing and ritual in the Colorado Front Range area. She travels throughout the United States sharing and teaching the art of traditional West African Drumming, movement, singing, and the spirituality of sound and music.


Fatu is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Nebraska College of Business  with an Associate Degree in Marketing Management. Fatu is a student of life and culture and enjoys learning about different cultures  and people as wells as sharing her own.

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